Contemporary Cultures of Writing

This seminar series looks at the ways in which the commissioner of drama for screen, radio, and theatre occupies the role of co-creator in the development process. 
In Boorsma’s framing (2006) the audience combines with the work in the moment of experiencing it and thus “…takes part in the ‘co-production’ of artistic value.” In dramatic production, this relational approach to the aesthetics places a responsibility on the commissioner or producer to act on behalf of the audience, making selection decisions that will maximise the artistic value available to audiences at the moment when they experience the drama and become active co-creators of it. 

The seminar series features leading commissioners and producers in the fields of British screen drama, broadcast drama, and theatre, in conversation with writer-academics. It will explore the role of the commissioner and producer in terms of relationships with audiences, and investigate the extent to which they can be regarded as co-creators.