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Join us to celebrate the launch of ‘Borders and the Norman World: Frontiers and Boundaries in Medieval Europe’ with Áron Kecskés in conversation with Caitlin Ellis (Oslo), Emily Winkler (Oxford), and Chelsea Shields-Más (SUNY Old Westbury). 

The three contributing authors will provide a flavour of the volume, with a vignette of their chapters. This will then be followed by a discussion on how the central themes of the volume are reflected in their research, addressing how borders were used, by whom, and to what ends across the parts of eleventh and twelfth-century Europe within the Norman sphere of influence. 

The event has a significant online element and will be broadcast on Zoom. You are invited to attend virtually or join the editors in London in person for the livestream, where you will be able to toast the volume with a glass of wine in the Wolfson NB01 Room of the Institute of Historical Research.

To attend in person or virtually, please indicate your preference via email to