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Clare Lees, Emily Orley and Beatrice Baumgartner-Cohen, together and alone, ask questions about what it means to co-respond, creatively and critically, at a time of unease (within Academia, Britain and the world). They will stage a conversation, using their different disciplinary positions, which began as an email correspondence between Emily and Clare in the last months of 2023. For this seminar, they will be joined by Beatrice and will continue their experiment into what it means to respond, to each other and to the environments we find ourselves in now. They will use words, drawings, echoes and silences.

  • Clare Lees is Professor of Medieval Literature, Director of the Institute of English Studies, and Vice Dean, School of Advanced Study, University of London.  Clare’s research interests include early medieval literatures, languages, and cultures of Britain and Ireland, gender and sexuality studies, and histories of place and belief. Her most recent work explores how modern and contemporary poets, writers, and artists engage with early medieval cultures.
  • Emily Orley is a London-based educator and practitioner-researcher working with performance, audio-visual media and hybrid modes of writing. With a mixture of academic, artist and physical theatre training, she is a firm believer in breaking down the false binaries that separate practice and theory, making and thinking and writing about making. She is currently based at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where she leads the MA in Collaborative Performance Making.
  • Beatrice Baumgartner-Cohen is a (live) illustrator who is currently trying to find out what happens when the practice of live graphic recording ventures out of its commercial context into the world of collaborative theatre.

This session will be co-chaired by Joe Ford (ILCS) and Gill Partington (IES).

Unless stated otherwise, all our events are free of charge and anyone interested in the topic is welcome to attend. Registration is required for all events. 

The session will run from 4-6pm GMT, followed by a drink to 7pm.