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Introduction to Visigothic Script 

Online course held across two afternoons, 2pm-5pm

Ainoa Castro Correa 

Almost all manuscript production of early medieval Iberia was written in Visigothic script, the peninsular equivalent to Merovingian, Insular, or Beneventan scripts for their correspondent geographical areas. In this course students will gain knowledge about its main characteristics, typological and geographical variants, and stages of evolution, being these aspects discussed through digital reproductions of significant manuscript exemplars.

This course is open to everyone interested in medieval manuscript production, with a focus on the Iberian Peninsula’s manuscript material. Its main aim is to familiarise the attendants with a particular model of medieval script, with those letters, signs, and abbreviations that characterise Visigothic script. Therefore, no previous experience is required although students with at least a basic training in palaeography will particularly benefit from the course.

Essential Reading

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Castro Correa, Ainoa (2021), “Dating and placing Visigothic script codices: A quick guide for beginners”, in Pecia. Le livre et l’ecrit: Le manuscrit médiéval: texte, objet et outil de transmission, vol. 23, Turnhout, 7-35.

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Recommended Reading 

Castro Correa, Ainoa (2020), "Towards a Review of the ‘Visigothic Symptoms’: Formal Writing in Visigothic Hispania", Visigothic Symposium 4 (2020-2021): Manuscripts and Editions 2020, 64-84. 

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