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48% of the reach and impact produced in English between 2014 and 2020 was judged 4*’, by far the best result in the Arts and Humanities, and an outcome that belongs to all departments, large and small, across the 4 nations of the UK. With this new series of Speaking for English 2023 the English Association, Institute for English Studies and University English team up to look behind the numbers to understand what our colleagues in departments of English are achieving. We want to understand the deep social, cultural and economic impact our subject is achieving. We also want to meet (and celebrate) the people behind our 2022 impact case studies, and find out how they did it!

The case studies we have chosen for this event engage with technology in various forms, including Artificial Intelligence, the Open Library of Humanities, automated linguistic analysis, 3D printing and the digital archive for Exeter City Football Club. We will be hearing from the individuals and teams behind the following case studies:

  • ‘AI narratives: shaping public debate, policy and cultural responses to the future of Artificial Intelligence’ (University of Cambridge)
  • ‘Open Access and the Open Library of Humanities’ (Birkbeck College)
  • ‘In the Making: how creative writing methodologies enable inclusive 3D-printing practices’ (University of Salford)
  • ‘Developing automated linguistic analysis and annotation tools to support collaborative learning, professional translation, policy making and HE management decisions’ (Birmingham City University)
  • ‘Transforming the way art and heritage institutions document, preserve and exhibit audiences’ engagement with their collections’ (University of Exeter)

Each individual or team has 7 mins to tell us what they did, and then we will open up for questions.

This event will take place online on Friday 26th May 2023 at 1-2.30 pm. (Bring your lunch!)

Unless stated otherwise, all our events are free of charge and anyone interested in the topic is welcome to attend. Registration is required for all events.