Five Day Course: 10-14 June 2024

In this class, students will be introduced to the methods and problems of editing a Latin text transmitted through medieval manuscripts. The focus of the class will be a practical exercise, in which we will work with online or in situ manuscripts of a Latin text. Student will learn how to collate a manuscript, and how to use those collations towards creating a critical edition of the text. The text chosen will be one for which these in no adequate modern edition.

Additional Information

Course Requirements

Students need to have Latin at least up to A-level; ideally they will have the Latin would one expect of a 3rd year undergraduate / MA student in Classics, or beyond. 

Essential Reading

S. Timpanaro, The Genesis of Lachmann’s Method, 2005, Chicago. 

R. J. Tarrant, Texts, Editors and Readers, 2016, Cambridge 

A. E. Housman, ‘The Application of Thought to Textual Criticism’, 


This course will take place in Senate House.


Course fees for LIPS 2024 are below:

  Standard Student
Five Day Course  £725  £525


Course Tutor