Dr Shafquat Towheed
Maximum: 15 students
Venue: Senate House

This course explores the nature of reading as it emerged in the late eighteenth century in the western world, and developed in the context of an industrial and then an advanced industrial society. The course will be a combination of two types of seminar. Firstly there will be ‘narrative’ sessions that will explain the ways in which the major aspects of the subject developed over time. Secondly there will be ‘case studies’ that will allow students to explore particular examples of these developments. In addition, the case studies will introduce students to a variety of research resources and methods used by historians of reading.

 I really enjoyed this course on the History of Reading. I was particularly pleased with the seminar delivery and discussions - this is a subject area relatively new to me, but this was not problematic, which I think shows the high level of teaching and accessibility of content and material. 

 Shaf was terrific! I felt he had an amazing grasp on such a wide range of methods, sources and a wide range of chronology. Every session I thought stretched my intellectual abilities. I plan to keep all the materials safe and secure for future use and application.

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