Monday 5 July 2021

Dr Christopher Ohge, Lecturer in Digital Approaches to Literature, has been awarded the Boydston Essay Prize 2020-21 by The Association for Documentary Editing for his essay in American Literary History (2019), 'Melville Incomplete'. The Boydston Essay Prize was established in 1995 by Jo Ann Boydston to honor the best essay or review published anywhere during the previous two years, the primary focus of which is the editing of a volume of works or documents. In his comments at the award ceremony, Christopher Ohge observed:

'How can scholars create a better environment for experiencing textual inventions? The answer - and a complicated one at that - is that we need to publish more editions and continue to experiment with technology. This is an idea that was at the heart of 'Melville Incomplete' - I think that editing is experimental, and experimentation is experience, and experiences of text can be achieved primarily through historical editing in the digital space.'