Due to unavoidable circumstances this seminar was postponed and will now run on Wednesday 24 February, 13:00-14:00

Richard Espley and Leila Kassir, with Sarah Pyke: '“It’s too easy to say that institutions are decolonising”: Colonial legacies and inclusive collections at Senate House Library'

In 2020, as public protest against anti-Black police brutality surged globally, institutional public statements in support of the Black Lives Matter movement proliferated. Universities, libraries, museums and other cultural institutions rushed to deplore racist violence and express their commitment to anti-racist and decolonial practice. Rather than release a statement of their own, staff at Senate House Library chose instead to pursue and embed a fledgling piece of reparative archival work, the Collections Inclusion Review, alongside their continuing efforts to improve the inclusivity and accessibility of their collections, particularly of literatures in English. Please join us for an informal conversation about this ongoing work with two members of Senate House Library's staff, Leila Kassir and Richard Espley, which will range across issues including provenance, archive description, library layout and the future of English as a discipline.

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