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Brooke Palmieri

Brooke Palmieri is an artist, writer, and educator working at the intersection of memory, history, and rampant gender-bending alternate realities.

In 2018 they founded CAMP BOOKS (, a platform and travelling bookshop promoting access to queer history through prints and zines; workshops and installations; and the collaborative construction of archives related to LGBTQIA+ activism and the long history of gender non-conformity. In 2017, Brooke completed a PhD on the 17th-century radical publishing and archival habits of the Quakers at UCL, and from 2016-2020 Brooke served as the editor of Printing History. After developing “The Queer Book” at London Rare Book School in 2017, they have continued to teach free history courses in community centres and artist-led spaces. Their writing has recently been featured in Louche Magazine and anthologies by Pilot Press, and their work has been exhibited at Gaada, the Glasgow Women’s Library, The Bower, and Chelsea Space.