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Krystle Farrugia

Supervisor: Dr Elizabeth Savage (IES)

Thesis: 'The Print Collection of Count Saverio Marchese (1757-1833)’

Krystle is a distance-learning, part-time PhD candidate based in Malta where she is studying the only known and relatively intact print collection on the island, that of Count Saverio Marchese (1757-1833) held at the Mdina Cathedral Museum. This is the first large-scale research project on old master prints in Malta. Her research includes cataloguing the over 4000 prints, studying the now empty albums, and analysing the print market in Malta using the collector’s purchase inventory. She works as a curator at MUŻA, Malta’s National Art Museum in Valletta, and co-leads a digital project, funded by the Getty Foundation’s ‘The Paper Project’ initiative, on the museum’s old master drawings. She is also involved in an international research project on incunabula in Malta which is supported by a Bibliographical Society of America 2022 Peck-Stacpoole Fellowship for Early Career Collections Professionals.