This series aims to fill the demand for easily accessible, quality texts available for teaching and research in the diverse and dynamic fields of Publishing and Book Culture. Rigorously researched and peer-reviewed, this Elements series is published in thematic areas, or 'Gatherings', that can then be augmented by additional online materials. 

Andrew Nash edits the ‘Book History’ Gathering. This Gathering presents innovative research offering new theoretical or thematic approaches to the field of book and publishing history and seeks to reformulate our understanding of the terms in relation to different fields and historical periods. The Gathering aims to be of interest not just to students and teachers of book history, but to those working in a range of disciplines whose research is concerned with historical formations related to book and publishing culture, such as, for example, medieval, early modern, or Victorian.

Cynthia Johnston edits the  ‘Collecting the Book’ Gathering which looks at the practice of book collecting across cultures and time periods highlighting research both on established cultural phenomena and more hidden histories. The Trade in Rare Books and Manuscripts between Britain and America c. 1890-1929 by Danielle Magnussen and Laura Cleaver brought fresh evidence and perspective to scholarship on the ‘golden age’ of manuscript collecting. Kate Ozment’s study, The Hroswitha Club and the Impact of Women Book Collectors examined the practice of this group of twentieth-century female collectors and their lasting influence.