The John Ford Editorial Project


The goals of this project are twofold:

  • To produce a new edition of John Ford's Collected Works, to be published in three volumes by Oxford University Press.
  • To produce an electronic concordance to the edition, to be freely available on the IES / SAS website.


Funding for this project was provided by the Arts and Humanities Research Board from 2005 to 2010, enabling us to employ Dr. Marcus Dahl as a Research Assistant; to purchase microfilms or scans of every extant copy of Ford’s poems, prose, and plays, and other research material; to organise an editorial conference in London, which included a staged reading of Perkin Warbeck; and to pay for a room, computers, telephone and infrastructure provided by the Institute of English Studies (Director, Professor Warwick Gould, FRSA).


The edition will appear in the prestigious ‘Oxford English Texts’ series of Oxford University Press.

Volume 1; ISBN 978-0-19-959290-6. Buy from Oxford University Press


Plan of the Edition

Volume 1: Poems and prose works
Honor Triumphant and The Monarchs Meeting (1606)
     Gilles Monsarrat.
Fames Memoriall, or The Earle of Devonshire Deceased (1606)

    Brian Vickers and R.J.C. Watt.

A Funerall Elegye for William Peter (1612)

    Brian Vickers.

Christes Bloodie Sweat (1613)

    R. J. C. Watt and Brian Vickers.

The Golden Meane (1613/14)

    Gilles Monsarrat.

A Line of Life (1620)

    Gilles Monsarrat.

Elegy on John Fletcher (c.1625)

    Brian Vickers.

Uncollected pieces in verse and prose (1606-38)

    Brian Vickers.

Volume 2: The co-authored plays
The Laws of Candy (1619-20) , with Massinger (?) and Field (?)

    Christopher Adams and Brian Vickers.

The Witch of Edmonton (1621), with Dekker and Rowley

    Rowland Wymer.

The Welsh Ambassador (1623), with Dekker

    Nigel Bawcutt.

The Spanish Gypsy (1623), with Dekker, Rowley, and Middleton (?)

    Marcus Dahl and Brian Vickers.

The Sun's Darling (1624), with Dekker

    Christopher Adams and Brian Vickers.

The Fair Maid of the Inn (1626), with Massinger, Webster, and Fletcher(?)

    Martin Wiggins and Eleanor Lowe.

Volume 3: The sole-authored plays
The Queen (1627)

    Eleanor Lowe and Martin Wiggins.

The Lover's Melancholy (1628)

    Carter Hailey.

The Broken Heart (1629)

    Lisa Hopkins.

Tis Pity She's a Whore (1631)

    Katsuhiko Nogami and Brian Vickers.

Perkin Warbeck (1632)

    Gilles Monsarrat.

Love's Sacrifice (1633)

    Nigel Bawcutt.

The Fancies, Chaste and Noble (1636)

    Lisa Hopkins.

The Lady's Trial (1638)

    Katsuhiko Nogami.

Index to all three volumes.

Plan of the edition [PDF, 40kb].

The Editors

Editor in chief
Sir Brian Vickers, FBA  School of Advanced Study, University of London
Christopher Adams,  Institute of English Studies, University of London
Dr Nigel Bawcutt, University of Liverpool
Dr Marcus Dahl, Institute of English Studies, University of London
Dr Carter Hailey, Folger Institute, Washington DC
Professor Lisa Hopkins, Sheffield Hallam University
Dr Eleanor Lowe, Oxford Brookes University
Professor Gilles Monsarrat, University of Burgundy, Dijon
Dr Katushiko Nogami, Meiji University, Tokyo
Dr R.J.C. Watt, University of Dundee
Dr Martin Wiggins, The Shakespeare Institute, Stratford-on-Avon
Professor Rowland Wymer, Anglia Ruskin University

Further details on the Editors [pdf, 71kb]


The Concordance

The printed edition will be complemented by a complete Concordance using software created by Rob Watt. This will use a modern spelling text derived from the main edition, distinguishing homographs and offering multiple search facilities. The concordance will be available online, free of charge, on the School of Advanced Study's server.

Further details of the Concordance [PDF, 43kb].


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