Following Mrs. Sharp's death her brother, Robert Farquharson Sharp, became William Sharp's literary executor. Upon his death, his son, Noel Farquharson Sharp, assumed that role.  Following his death, Rosemarie Sharp, his wife, succeeded him as executor.  Noel and Rosemarie Sharp have been endlessly generous not only in granting permissions to publish William Sharp's writings, but also in sharing their recollections of people with whom he interacted. The editor is heavily indebted to them and grateful for their assistance and friendship. Noel Sharp would have been particularly pleased to see his uncle's letters and other works published in this format. As Deputy Keeper of Printed Books at the British Museum (now the British Library), he was a leader in the nineteen sixties and seventies in an international effort to move libraries into the age of computers. This edition is dedicated to Noel and Rosemarie Sharp and to Esther Harvey, Edith Wingate Rinder's daughter, to whom Noel Sharp introduced the editor in 1963 and who remained his close friend until her death.  Like the Sharp's, Esther Harvey was endlessly generous in sharing with the editor  recollections of her mother, of Elizabeth Sharp, and of their friends.

The editor is also grateful to a succession of English graduate students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee who assisted him over many years in transcribing and annotating the letters. They are Ann Anderson Allen, Edward Bednar, Richard Nanian, and Trevor Russell.  The editor is also grateful for the support he has received from the Graduate School and the College of Letters and Science in the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

The editor is heavily indebted to the owners of William Sharp letters, both libraries and private collectors, who have made copies available over the years.  Many librarians and curators have been made special efforts to search out letters in their collections and provide copies. The following have provided copies of letters: The British Library, the Library of the University of British Columbia, the Library of Colby College,  the Lilly  Library of Indiana University, and the Smith College Library.


Should you have any queries about The William Sharp 'Fiona Macleod' Archive, its content and subject matter, or you wish to obtain permission to use material in the Archive that is not otherwise available in print, please contact: William F. Halloran, the Editor by email.