From medieval heraldry to the reception history of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novels, our research students are making significant contributions to their fields. 

Completed Research Projects

Martina Mastandrea, 'Echoes of the Silent Movie Age: F. Scott Fitzgerald on the 1920s Silver Screen'. Supervisors: Prof Sarah Churchwell (IES/SAS) and Prof Maria Wyke (UCL) [2018]

Richard Wragg, 'A repository of knowledge and a cultural artefact: The place of the Guild Book of the Barber Surgeons of York in the history of vernacular English medical manuscripts'. Supervisor: Prof Michelle Brown (IES) and Dr Peter Jones (Cambridge) [2016]

Cynthia Johnston, 'W. de Brailes me fecit: William de Brailes and the Booktrade in Thirteenth-Century Oxford'. Supervisor: Prof Michelle Brown (IES) [2014]

Valerie Fairbrass, 'The Production, Purchase and Reading of Drama in Series, 1770 - 1880'. Supervisor: Prof Simon Eliot (IES) [2014]

Stephen Lubell, '16c Hebrew Typography: the Le Be type specimens in the Bibliotheque Nationale'. Supervisor: Prof Michelle Brown (IES) and Dr J.F. Croakley (Cambridge) [2014]

Donnacha MacGabhann, 'A comprehensive study of the division of hands in the Book of Kells (Dublin, Trinity College Library, MS 58)'. Supervisor: Prof Michelle Brown (IES) [2013]

Michael Cade-Stewart, 'Yeats and the Book in the 1930s: Text, Paratext, and Context'. Supervisor: Prof Warwick Gould (IES) [2013]