From medieval heraldry to the reception history of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novels, our research students are making significant contributions to their fields. 

Completed Research Projects

Karen Winslow, ‘Moguls Collecting Moguls: A Study of Early twentieth-century European and North American Collectors of Islamic Book Art’. Supervisors: Dr Laura Cleaver and Professor Clare Lees [2023]

Christopher Adams, ‘A Publishing History of Queer British Fiction, 1940-1970’. Supervisor: Dr Andrew Nash (IES) [2023]

Matthew Fay, ‘Unfinished Business: A Copy-specific Analysis of Research Items by W. B. Yeats, J. M. Synge, and Lady Gregory in the Archive of Frank Fay, Irish Actor and Theatre Director (1871-1930)’. Supervisors: Professor Warwick Gould (IES) and Dr Andrew Nash (IES) [2022]

Anthony Russ, ‘Shakespearean Constituencies: Editions of Shakespeare Published Before 1709’. Supervisor: Professor Henry Woudhuysen (Oxford) [2020]

Martina Mastandrea, 'Echoes of the Silent Movie Age: F. Scott Fitzgerald on the 1920s Silver Screen'. Supervisors: Prof Sarah Churchwell (IES/SAS) and Prof Maria Wyke (UCL) [2018]

Richard Wragg, 'A repository of knowledge and a cultural artefact: The place of the Guild Book of the Barber Surgeons of York in the history of vernacular English medical manuscripts'. Supervisor: Prof Michelle Brown (IES) and Dr Peter Jones (Cambridge) [2016]

Cynthia Johnston, 'W. de Brailes me fecit: William de Brailes and the Booktrade in Thirteenth-Century Oxford'. Supervisor: Prof Michelle Brown (IES) [2014]

Valerie Fairbrass, 'The Production, Purchase and Reading of Drama in Series, 1770 - 1880'. Supervisor: Prof Simon Eliot (IES) [2014]

Stephen Lubell, '16c Hebrew Typography: the Le Be type specimens in the Bibliotheque Nationale'. Supervisor: Prof Michelle Brown (IES) and Dr J.F. Croakley (Cambridge) [2014]

Donnacha MacGabhann, 'A comprehensive study of the division of hands in the Book of Kells (Dublin, Trinity College Library, MS 58)'. Supervisor: Prof Michelle Brown (IES) [2013]

Michael Cade-Stewart, 'Yeats and the Book in the 1930s: Text, Paratext, and Context'. Supervisor: Prof Warwick Gould (IES) [2013]