9-17 July 2022

 From Monday through Friday the morning lectures will take place from 9:30 and 11:00. The seminars will be held in different locations around Senate House from 13:30 to 15.00, Monday through Friday. 

The full list of seminar leaders and titles is now available, please visit the 2022 Seminars page.  All students shall sign up for a single small-group seminar that will meet daily for the week.

Saturday 9 July

17:30- Arrival and registration (Senate House, Grand Lobby, First Floor);

18:00 - Welcome remarks (Chancellor's Hall, First Floor), Clare Lees, Director, Institute of English Studies; Anthony Cuda, Director of the Summer School.

18:30 - 2020 Inaugural Address, Gabriel Josipovici, acclaimed novelist and Professor Emeritus at Sussex University

Sunday 10 July

Day Trip: The Annual Little Gidding Festival

8.30 - Departure for Little Gidding (from International Hall)

Time TBC: Q&A Session, Lyndall Gordon, The Emily Hale correspondence

11:00 - Mark Ford, Beginning and Ending: Little Gidding

Full-day schedule of the Annual Little Gidding Festival TBC

Monday 11 July

9:30 - Anthony Cuda, "Back, Late, from the Hyancinth Garden"

10.45 - Tea and coffee break

11:00 - Beci Carver, Eliot's Humble Tennis

12.15 - Lunch break

13.30-15.00 - Seminars  

Tuesday 12 July

9:30 - Megan Quigley, Eliot’s Fictions

10:45 - Tea and coffee break

11:00 - Leonard Diepeveen, The Unnatural Excesses of T.S. Eliot

12:15 - Lunch break

13:30-15:00 – Seminars

18:00 - Robert Crawford, Eliot After The Waste Land (2022), reading and book launch

Wednesday 13 July

9:30 - Seamus Perry, Eliot at Margate

10.45 - Tea and coffee break

11:00 - Jahan Ramazani, Eliot, Burying the Dead: The Waste Land, Ecocritique, and World Elegy

12.15 - Lunch break

13.30-15.00 - Seminars  

15:30 - Creative Writing Workshop, Hannah Sullivan

Thursday 14 July

9:30 - Patrick Query, T. S. Eliot and Radical Hope, 1939

10.45 - Tea and coffee break

11:00 - Sarah Kennedy, Eliot's Glance

12.15 - Lunch break

13.30-15.00 - Seminars  

Friday 15 July

9:30 - Exclusive Screening: Into The Waste Land (2022), a new documentary 

10.45 - Tea and coffee break

11:00 - Ann Pasternak-Slater, "Vivien Eliot's Life - Difficulties, Deceptions, Discoveries, Disillusion - and her real literary gifts"

12.15 - Lunch break

13.30-15.00 - Seminars  

18:30 - Sasha Dugdale, London Library Gala and poetry reading 

Saturday 16 July

Day Trip to Burnt Norton

8.30 - Departure for Burnt Norton (from International Hall)

14:30 - The Annual Burnt Norton Lecture, Frances Dickey, "Eliot's Emilia: From Poetry to Life" (The Annual Burnt Norton Lecture)

Sunday 17 July

2:00 - Optional: Unreal City Walking Tour, led by Carey Karmel and Mark Storey

Meet at the base of the Monument to the Great Fire of London (from Monument Tube Station, take the King William Street exit, and turn left on Monument road) for an informational walking tour of landmarks featured in The Waste Land and other sites pertinent to Eliot's life at the time. Afterwards, we will cross London Bridge for drinks and farewells at the George Inn. Please bring a bottle of water and a hat. We will stop and read relevant portions of The Waste Land.

Seminars 2022

Small-group seminars are at the heart of the Summer School programme, allowing students to interact one-on-one with leading scholars in the field.

Take a look at the full list of 2022 seminars here