Welcome to the Victorian Diversities resource page. Created following our online roundtable event Diversifying Victorian Studies: From Theory to Method, held on 12 April 2022, this page is designed as a one-stop shop for anyone interested in expanding, widening and ‘undisciplining’ their nineteenth-century teaching and research.

Please do browse and enjoy. If you have a suggestion of a project, teaching resource site or digital archive that isn’t included on here please email Dr. Lara Atkin (L.E.Atkin@kent.ac.uk).  

Diversifying Victorian Studies: From Theory to Method, 12 April 2022

Speakers: Lara Atkin (University of Kent), Éadaoin Agnew (Kingston University), Ryan Fong (Kalamazoo University), Chloe Osborne (Royal Holloway University of London), Emma Barnes (University of Salford), Kaori Nagai (University of Kent)


Chaozon Bauer, Pearl, Ryan D. Fong, Sophia Hsu, and Wisnicki, Adrian S., eds. Undisciplining the Victorian Classroom.  

English Association, Institute of English Studies, University of East Anglia, Postcolonial Studies Association, and University English. Decolonising the Discipline.  

V21 Collective. V21 Collective syllabus and resources bank

COVE editions and teaching resources, an initiative sponsored by BAVS, NAVSA and AVSA:COVE Editions and resources.

Digital Archives 

North America: 

Colored Conventions Project, and Community Contributors. “Black Digital Humanities Projects & Resources.” Google Drive, 2017. 

Gallon, Kim. The Black Press Research Collective. Teaching resources, research fellowships and a links to a broad range of digitised archives covering the African-American press, contemporary and historical. 

Pyle, Kai Minosh.Gaa-Ozhibii’igejig: Writing published by 19th century Anishinaabe people. Includes open-access, full text editions of works by Jane Schoolcraft, Peter Jones, George Copway, Maangwedaas and many other Indigenous American authors. 


Legacies of British Slavery. Landmark project by University College London researchers led by Prof. Catherine Hall which includes a database of all the individuals who received compensation from the British state for their loss of property after the abolition of slavery. Also includes teaching resources and projects on the legacies of British slavery in the Caribbean more broadly. 

Aljoe, Nicole, and Elizabeth Maddock Dillon. East Caribbean Digital Archive. Boston: Northeastern University, 2017. 

Digital Library of the Caribbean. Gainesville, FL: University of Florida, 2011. 

Gil, Alex, and Community Contributors. “Directory of Caribbean Digital Scholarship Data Sheet.” Google Drive, 2020. 

Hawthorne, Walter, et al. Enslaved: Peoples of the Historical Slave Trade, 2018. 

South America: 

Hayward, Jennifer and Michelle Prain Brice The Anglophone Chile project includes digital surrogates of many anglophone newspapers published in Chile. 


Centre for Curating the Archive, University of Cape Town. The Digital Bleek and Lloyd. Notebooks, drawings, stories by Khoisan people collected by Wilhelm Bleek and Lucy Lloyd. Notes on the Indigenous contributors also included. 

Vokes, Richard. “History in Progress Uganda, Part 1: The Ham Mukasa Archive (EAP656).” In Endangered Archives Programme. London: British Library, 2013-14. 

Wahu-Mũchiri, Ng’ang’a. Ardhi Initiative: An Africana Digital Humanities Project Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2020. 

Wisnicki, Adrian S., and Megan Ward, eds. Livingstone Online. New version, second edition. College Park, MD: University of Maryland Libraries, 2017. 

Wisnicki, Adrian S., ed. One More Voice. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska-Lincoln. New dawn edition, 2021-22. 

Australasia and the Pacific: 

The Papers Past archive of Maori and English newspapers published by the National Library of New Zealand also has great nineteenth-century coverage. 

The ERC-funded SouthHem archive of library and book catalogue from the Australian, New Zealand and southern African British settler colonies, 1780-1870 is a terrific resource for anyone interested in book history. Project led by Prof. Porscha Fermanis and based at University College Dublin. 

School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) Missionary Collections. 

The Trove archive of digitised  historical Australian newspapers published by the National Library of Australia has a very comprehensive nineteenth-century section. 


Singh, Amardeep. Corpus of Colonial South Asian Literature

Black and Indigenous Britain: 

The African People’s Historical Monument Foundation: The Black Cultural Archives. A wealth of information on Black British history and experience. 

Bristol Archives, and Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. British Empire & Commonwealth Collection. Bristol, UK: Bristol Archives, 2020.  

The George Padmore Institute has materials relating to black British and European resistance and anti-racist history and activism.  

Rice, Tom. Films for the Colonies. University of St Andrews: 2020. 

Projects and organisations  

Beyond the Spectacle: Native North American Presence in Britain 

Making Britain: Discovery how South Asians shaped the nation, 1870-1950 

SouthHem: Settler and Indigenous Writing in the British-Controlled Southern Hemisphere, 1780-1870 

South African Modernism, 1880-1920