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Recordings and Podcasts

The Institute runs an extensive programme of seminars and lectures on a wide range of subjects, both general and specialised, within the broad area of English studies. We have collected a number of podcasts and recordings from these events over the years which you can listen to or watch here.


Contemporary Fiction Research Seminar

Digital Text and Scholarship


History of Libraries Seminar

IES Unfinished Business Seminar

London Beckett Seminar

London Shakespeare Seminar

Amrita Dhar (Ohio State University): ‘Darkly Bright and Bright in Dark Directed: Sleep, Dreams, Love and Waking in Two Sonnets by Shakespeare and Milton', and Jyotsna Singh (Michigan State University): ‘Re-reading Shakespeare’s Sonnets: The Lyric Voice and an Ethical Imagination’, 24 January 2022

London Theatre Seminar

Media History and Nineteenth Century Studies joint seminar

Medieval Manuscripts Seminar

Modernist Magazines Seminar

Researching Contemporary Culture Workshops

Stephen Spender Research Seminar


Being Human Festival IES events, 2020

Bloomsbury Chapter Stevenson Lecture

The Bibliographical Society

To view recordings of The Bibliographical Society events please visit The Bibliographical Society website

Bloomsbury Festival, 2013

International Vernon Lee Society (IVLS) Lecture

John Coffin Memorial Readings

Heythrop Lectures

The Heythrop 400th Anniversary Conference Lectures: 

'For the Greater Glory of God and the More Universal Good', 2014

Poetry and Prayer: Continuities & Discontinuities, 2012

Human Mind Festival Lectures, 2016


T.S. Eliot Summer School

Wordsworth Annual Lectures